10 facts about Malta

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10 Facts you should know about Malta:


Fact 1
Malta Expats | About MaltaMalta was known as ‘Melita’ by the ancient Greeks and Romans. This means ‘the island of honey’.





Fact 2
Malta Expats | About MaltaThe Pharaoh Hound is the National Dog of Malta. In Maltese, the breed is known as Kelb tal-Fenek.





Fact 3
Malta Expats | About MaltaThe University of Malta is the oldest university in the Commonwealth outside of Great Britain.





Fact 4
Malta Expats | About MaltaMalta puts on 75 villages feasts to honour local patron saints between June and September. The feast, or festa in Maltese, is a fabulous event with fireworks, bands and a religious procession.




Fact 5
Malta Expats | About MaltaThe Knights of St. John of Jerusalem were given control of Malta in 1530 by Charles V of Spain.





Fact 6
Malta Expats | About MaltaGrand Master, Jean Parisot de la Valette, who gave Malta’s capital its name (Valletta) actually laid the first stone to the city in 1566.





Fact 7
Malta Expats | About MaltaThe earliest evidence of human settlement in Malta dates back over 7,400 years and the Megalithic temples are the oldest free-standing stone structures in the world.




Fact 8
Malta Expats | About MaltaThe highest point on the island of Malta is at Ta’ Dmejrek, some 253 metres above sea level.





Fact 9
Malta Expats | About MaltaThe dome of the Mosta , famously surviving a fallen bomb during WWII, is the third largest in Europe.





Fact 10
Malta Expats | About MaltaMaltese, or Malti, is an officially recognised EU language. Malta has been a Member State since 2004.