10 Magical Places in Malta


Finding magical places in Malta is not difficult as the whole country looks like it’s been taken out of a fairy tale. No matter where you look, you’ll find beauty in true Mediterranean style.

The prevailing element is the sea for this unique island country. Starting from the architecture of the capital, Valletta, one can tell that the port city has developed into a cultural center that on first look might appear as a sea fortress.

Dwelling deeper into the country you’ll find some of the most beautiful and treasured sites such as the walled city of Mdina. Along its coasts you’ll find the most incredible blue lagoons of Europe. Malta’s beaches are truly a paradise on earth thanks to the Mediterranean climate and their unspoiled beauty.

Below you’ll find the most amazing places in Malta. You’ll notice that in most of them the common colour is blue either of the clear skies gracing the country or the calm Mediterranean waters.

1. Valletta


The capital of Malta is inextricably linked to the history of the military and charitable Order of St John of Jerusalem. It was ruled successively by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and the Order of the Knights of St John. Valletta’s 320 monuments, all within an area of 55 ha, make it one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world.


2. Blue Lagoon, Comino Island

Blue Lagoon in Comino

The Blue Lagoon is one of the best beaches in Malta, situated between the island of Comino and the islet of Cominotto.The crystal clear waters in Blue Lagoon reflect the blue sky with a lovely cyan as well as let you see the pure white sand bottom of this part of the Mediterranean Sea. This long and narrow bay surrounded by rock and a bit of sand is almost like a pool, which makes it the ideal place for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or simply relaxing on the beach.

3. Ghajn Tuffieha Tower

Ghajn Tuffieha Tower

4. Valletta Port

Valletta Port


5. Mellieha Seaview

Mellieha Seaview

6. Dingli Cliffs

Dingli Cliffs

7. Valleta Waterfront

Valleta Waterfront

The Valletta Waterfront is also the gateway to Malta’s capital city, Valletta – a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen. In fact, as one of the most successful Mediterranean ports, the Port of Valletta welcomes more than half-a-million cruise passengers into this open air museum.


8. Msida Creek

Msida Creek

9. Mdina


10. Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto


Source: Lazypenguins