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24 January, 2018
Malta Expats | Public Holidays 2018

Public Holidays 2018

Maltese people and everyone living here, including us Expats - take a peak of the Public Holidays 2018. What we could see this year...

Is Malta the next European digital base?

If you’re looking for a spot in Europe to stay a while and crank out a few blog posts or catch up on all...
Malta Expats | Renting Property in Malta

Renting Properties in Malta

Renting properties has become very popular among expats. Malta has responded to the massive influx of foreigners coming in by providing more housing options...
Malta Expats | Living in Malta

Living in Malta

“Living in Malta means to accept mold”Mold. Everybody knows what it looks like. Now I, too, know what it feels like to suffer its...
Malta Expats | Public Holidays 2017

Public Holidays 2017

The people of Malta and everyone living here, including us Expats - we take a peak of the Public Holidays 2017. What we are...
Malta Expats | Practical Information About Malta

Practical Information About Malta

Peculiar is one word that describes Malta well. There are other ones, but the fact that nothing has been done to accommodate cyclists and...

Malta Among the Richest Countries in the World !?

The Legatum Institute, a London based research institute released its 10th annual global Prosperity Index, a huge survey that ranks the most prosperous countries...
Malta Expats | Determined Entrepreneurs

Malta Country With Most Determined Entrepreneurs?

Yet again Malta features as a Top Country on a world scale with one of the most determined entrepreneurs. What we can see on...

Top Five Pet Hates for Expats in Malta

After several years of being on the island, we have gathered some mutual Expats’ opinions while discussing things that we don’t like about the...

Malta in the EU

Malta being selected for the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for 2017 will be a subject for observation in all aspects....

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