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Valletta, MT
16 January, 2019

Is Malta the next European digital base?

If you’re looking for a spot in Europe to stay a while and crank out a few blog posts or catch up on all...
Malta Expats | The Top 100 Best Clubs in the World

The Top 100 Best Clubs in the World

Ushuaïa Ibiza was named Best Club in the World as well as winning an award for Best Business Development in Nightlife.  After two days of...
Malta Expats | Things to do in Malta

Top 10 Things to do in Malta

Malta is a small, island country in the Mediterranean Sea that lies just 93km south of Sicily and 300km north of Libya. It has...
Malta Expats | Housing on Malta

Take a good look at the street oddities

There is nothing normal about walking down the road in Malta. The walking itself, maybe yes, if you think you walk in a normal...
Underrated Countries

Five Underrated Countries You Need to Visit

From a medieval African trading town to a Mediterranean island nation, BBC chooses Malta as one of the five underrated countries you need to visit. With...
Malta Expats | Reasons to Move to Malta

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Malta

Malta has it all! Great weather, delicious food, a rich history and a vibrant culture! There are many reasons to move to Malta. Having...
Malta Expats | Expats in Malta

Top Five Pet Hates for Expats in Malta

After several years of being on the island, we have gathered some mutual Expats’ opinions while discussing things that we don’t like about the...
Malta Expats | Public Holidays 2018

Public Holidays 2018

Maltese people and everyone living here, including us Expats - take a peak of the Public Holidays 2018. What we could see this year...
Malta Expats | Renting Property in Malta

Renting Properties in Malta

Renting properties has become very popular among expats. Malta has responded to the massive influx of foreigners coming in by providing more housing options...
Malta Expats | Living in Malta

Living in Malta

“Living in Malta means to accept mold” Mold. Everybody knows what it looks like. Now I, too, know what it feels like to suffer its...
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