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Valletta, MT
20 February, 2019
Malta Expats | Lessons You Learn as an Expat

5 Life Lessons You Learn as an Expat

1. Do What You Really Want to Do If you keep waiting for the “right time” and the “right opportunity”, you’ll be waiting forever. There...
Malta Expats | Things to do in Malta

Top 10 Things to do in Malta

Malta is a small, island country in the Mediterranean Sea that lies just 93km south of Sicily and 300km north of Libya. It has...

Emergency Numbers in Malta

Malta emergency numbers and other essential telephone numbers will help you during your stay in Malta. The numbers are helpful for those who will be...
Malta Expats | Expat Story

Expat Story on Holidays and Home Visits

Holidays are meant to be fun, right? And yet often they’re fraught with expectation and obligation and can leave us feeling frazzled. This is...
Malta Expats | Holidays to Malta

15 reasons to book Holidays to Malta

Stunning, clear blue waters, incredible architecture and mouthwatering food are many of the reasons why you should book your next Holidays to Malta. If you're...
Malta Expats | Top 10 Places by Weather

Malta in Top 10 Places by Weather

For all those who dream of 365 days a year of sun, the members of international expat community InterNations have identified the places around the...
Malta Expats | Romantic Holiday in Malta

Things to do on Your Romantic Holiday in Malta

People in love often want to spend their time together and do different things in each other’s company. It is said that it is...
Malta Expats | Holidays in Malta

The 5 Best Museums for your Holidays in Malta

With its rich history, culture and tradition Malta is an island with a lot of different museums. Archaeology, Fine Arts, Folklore, Aviation and other...
Malta Expats | Malta Tech Hub

Seven reasons to visit Valletta

Lonely Planet writes a story of Malta's capital is inextricably linked with the island's mythology – after laying Valletta's foundation stone in 1566 the Knights...
Malta Expats | Improve Company Culture

Improve Company Culture

As a business owner, you spend your day in the trenches, growing your client base, tracking sales and planning your next big move. You...

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