Housing on Malta

Living in Malta has many treats, the best of which is the lifestyle in and around your premises. Since Malta is not the largest of islands, many places to live are to be found somehow at or close to the sea. Even the places more inland offer many nice areas and as anywhere, the price is dictated by location and the size/quality of the estate object.

Malta Expats | Housing on MaltaAs regards money, let’s get this issue right out of the way as it is not the easiest to explain. Basically, renting or in some case even buying a place in Malta is cheaper than in many larger European countries. That said, certain areas and certain types of objects have become the status symbol of the many high-profile managers and companies coming to Malta and therefore rents and prices have partially become something between obscene and downright lunatic. However, it depends on the sanity of your landlord an especially that of the estate agent, to find a suitable place for an affordable amount. In the end, even the more greedy landlords are nowadays coming to the conclusion, that dependable tenants are a lot more lucrative and thus healthier in the long term than 4 different bands of iGaming kids wrecking the place and alienating the neighbourhood.

Although the choice is rich, there are mainly three types of places you can rent or buy: Apartments from worn-down to ultra-modern inland or with sea-view, so called houses of character (classic Maltese houses with the traditional balcony as well as stand-alone items mainly in the countryside.

Malta Expats | Housing on MaltaPrices are dependent on the state of the object and these days more and more on location. The most popular areas for the many business employees are the life0filled beehives Sliema, St. Julians and Swieqi and therefore rents over here are on a steady rise. The more affordable townships around this area are San Gwann, Gzira and Msida all of which are still in commuting range. Of course, anything further out is still a short drive for expatriates who are used to commute for hours at times. However, traffic in Malta which is also on an incontrollable rise should not be underestimated.

That said, the outer towns and villages offer many affordable gems, be it apartments, houses of character and bungalows or villas. Attard, Madliena, Mosta, Rabat and Qormi in the center, Marsascala in the south or St. Paul’s, Qawra and Mellieha in the north are worth checking out as they offer both lively and rural environments.

Malta Expats | Housing on MaltaYet another issue is Valletta itself. The city coming more to life in recent years with bars and jazz-music-clubs has become a place to go and even live. Finding a place here might prove very difficult. In that case, the neighbouring three cities are one of the hottest tips these days as they are located within the harbour area, emanating the Mediterranean lifestyle and picturesque street-layout to its full astonishing beauty.

Last but by all means least, there is always Gozo. For those who are not afraid to include a ferry into their commuting journey, this island has a lot of fantastic objects situated in a mesmerizing countryside.

By any means, you can find great places to live in Malta. The best way to get going is to do a trip around the various locations and inhale life and spirit over there, then starting a house-hunt with a few addresses from classifieds or agents to see what’s on offer and what the price-expectations are.

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