Public Holidays 2018

Malta Expats | Public Holidays 2018
Maltese people and everyone living here, including us Expats – take a peak of the Public Holidays 2018. What we could see this year is the increased number of public holidays! Yes, there are additional holidays added to the calendar of Public Holidays in 2018. Last year there were fourteen and most of them were weekends.This year we are counting sixteen holidays in total where unfortunately four of them are falling on weekends.There were some public discussions back in 2017 to use the same “shifting” principle and extend the holiday weekends, decision on which is yet to be announced. We guess the Workers Union couldn’t influence change of the New Year’s Day but nevertheless, #hellofajob once again to the Workers Union and we like it big time!


Malta Expats | Public Holidays 2018


Below are the days and months of the respective calendar year

Public Holidays 2018

Day Date Holiday Name
Monday 1st January New Year’s Day
Saturday 10th February Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck
Monday 19th March Feast of St. Joseph
Friday 30st March Good Day
Saturday 31th March Freedom Day
Monday 2nd April Easter Monday (Bank Holiday)
Tuesday 1st May Worker’s Day
Thursday 7th June Sette Giugno
Friday 29th June Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul
Wednesday 15th August Feast of the Assumption
Saturday 8th September Feast of Our Lady of Victories
Friday 21st September  Independence Day
Saturday 8th December Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Thursday 13th December Republic Day
Tuesday 25th December Christmas Day
Wednesday 26th December Boxing Day (Bank Holiday)


People of Malta, embrace yourself for another festive year ahead!