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Malta Expats | Shopping in Malta
As in many other areas, Malta has also become a great place to shop and buy nice things. It has to be said, however, that prices are nowhere near what expatriates are used to: Still cheaper than London or Paris maybe, but definitely more expensive than any mid-sized community. This is of course due to shipping costs but quite often even that doesn’t explain the cost of a piece of furniture or a dress.


Malta Expats | Shopping and FurnishingHaving said that, shopping Malta has its absolute joys, especially when it comes to finding small gems of shops where you wouldn’t expect it but just as much in the more lively areas. The latter being, again, Sliema and St. Julians as well as Valletta and the Three Cities or St. Paul’s and Qawra where supermarkets and shops have the highest choice and density which males finding good wine or natural foods easier than in the countryside. There you’d rather find the larger showrooms for furniture, electronics and cars.

Shopping malls have become a more and more popular outlet. Bay Street in St. Julians, Plaza and nowadays the beautiful Tigne Point in Sliema are fantastic shopping meccas to indulge, featuring the popular brands from Nike to Marks&Spencer.

There are of course traditional ways to buy the good thing for the soul in the shape of the classic street-markets, notably those in Valletta and in the south Marsaxklokk. Clothes, spices, veggies and of course fish are the reasons to come here.

Malta Expats | Shopping and FurnishingThe touristic shoppers definitely have to pay a visit to Ta Qali, where the crafts-village has more of the local artwork, pottery, basket and wickerwork to be purchased.

Then again, the mentioned small surprises are the nicest places to have, be it the Mdina Glasswork shop or the wine merchant in Sliema, the cookery lifestyle shop in St. Julian’s or the antiques and clockworks in Valletta.

The places are various and the only thing to know is that markets usually take place in the mornings, shops close between 1 and 3 pm and only supermarkets and malls are open all day.