sport1Association football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Malta. The national stadium is called Ta’ Qali Stadium. The national football team has won several matches over big opponents that reached the final phases in World Cups, such as Belgium and Hungary. Recently a large number of football grounds have been built throughout the island. The top football league in Malta is called the Maltese Premier League, and consists of 12 teams. Futsal is also very popular.[citation needed]

Waterpolo is also very popular in Malta. The Malta national waterpolo team has achieved some great results against strong teams, and has competed in the Olympics twice. Maltese clubs participate in the European Club competitions organised by LEN, are seen as being in the top 10 waterpolo leagues in Europe.[citation needed]

Rugby league is played in Malta. In September 2015 the national men’s team was ranked 23rd in the world. The national team are known as the Malta Knights, and boast players currently playing in the European Superleague.[citation needed]

Rugby union is popular in Malta. In March 2014 the national men’s team was ranked 43rd in the world. They have recently been achieving great success, defeating teams like Sweden, Croatia and Latvia