The 5 Best Museums for your Holidays in Malta

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With its rich history, culture and tradition Malta is an island with a lot of different museums. Archaeology, Fine Arts, Folklore, Aviation and other various types of museums can be found situated within historic buildings, which are an attraction  themselves.

If you have decided to spend your holidays in Malta keep in mind that all the museums present a rich heritage and artefacts that represent some of the best places of interest on the island. By visiting some of the museums you will gain a better understanding of what Malta went through over the centuries and how its culture developed.

  1. National Museum of Archaeology

Holidays in Malta

This is one of the most captivating museums of prehistoric artefacts. It is located in Valletta in Auberge de Province on Republic Street. In this museum you may find items dating from the Neolithic period up to the Phoenician period. The highlight of this visit is the “Sleeping Lady,” which was discovered in Hal Saflieni Hypogeum.

  1. National Museum of Fine Arts


Another museum whichHolidays in Malta is located in Valletta on South Street. This is the one that houses a collection of fine arts, dating from the early Renaissance to modern times.  Here you can see the works and paintings of many artists. The building of this museum is one of the oldest one in the city and was used as a residence of the Maltese knights. The collection displayed includes paintings by leading local and international artists,  statuary in marble, bronze and wood, Maltese silverware, fine furniture and much more.

  1. The War Museum

Holidays in Malta

The National War Museum brings to people the memory of the World Wars and what the country went through during those tough periods. It is located in the Lower St Elmo in Valletta and it is highly recommended for the tourists.  There you will find a collection of relics, equipment, photographs, stories and events that happened during the wars. The most important and interesting piece is the George Cross Medal which was given to all the Maltese people in 1942, as a recognition for their bravery during the war. That same cross can now be seen on the Maltese flag.

  1. Casa Rocca Piccola

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This is actually a house from an old noble family dating from before 400 years ago. It contains more than 50 rooms in which you can see a collection of old and unique furniture, silver and old paintings. The house belongs to de Piro family and is located in Valletta, down Republic Street.

  1. Domus Romana

Malta Expats | Holidays in Malta

Here we talk about the museum that was built over the remains of a Roman town house dating from around the first century BC. In this house people can see the fascinating collection of Roman artefacts, statues and a number of tombstones and remains from the Muslim cemetery dating from the 11th century. The most extraordinary are the mosaic pavements. Domus Romana can be found outside Mdina, a place where there once existed the Roman city called Melita.

The fact that Malta has 365 Churches and more than a 20 museums will make your holiday on Malta, even more exciting, we ensure you that you will see, fell and experience something different from other the countries.

There are many more museums that WholeMalta can write about and you can visit once you are in Malta for holidays or tourism. Among these you can check out the Palazzo Parisso, The Dungeon Museum, Heart of Gozo, Malta Aviation Museum, Museum of National History, the Palace Armory and many more. The Malta Pass is a very useful item for tourist attractions and serves as a discount card that entitles you to free access to over 40 attractions in Malta within the valid period of the card.