Top 10 Things to do in Malta

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Malta is a small, island country in the Mediterranean Sea that lies just 93km south of Sicily and 300km north of Libya. It has 7000 years of history with prehistoric temples, beautiful architecture with an ancient heritage, fossil-studded cliffs, glittering hidden coves and thrilling diving opportunities with its crystal-clear blue waters, some of the cleanest in the Mediterranean. With such great climate all year around, a low crime rate, friendly people, many restaurants, bars, cafes and a lively nightclub scene – you must give it a try.

Things To Do in Malta

1. Mnajdra and Hagar Qim
The temple of Hagar Qim, excavated for the first time in 1839, dates to c. 3600 – 3200 BC. It stands on a hilltop overlooking the sea and the islet of Filfla. Just 500m away from Hagar Qim, further towards the cliff face, lies another remarkable temple site, Mnajdra, set in a hollow above the Southern cliffs. The surrounding area, which is typical of Mediterranean garigue and spectacular in its starkness and isolation, is designated a Heritage Park. Much of interest has been unearthed at Hagar Qim, notably a decorated pillar altar, two tablealtars and some of the ‘fat lady’ statues on display in the National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta. Mnajdra is probably the most atmospheric of all Malta’s temples. It is a complex site consisting of three temples overlooking an oval forecourt. The oldest temple is a simple three-apsed building which dates back to 3600-3200 BC. The most impressive of the Mnajdra temples is the third, with its largely intact façade and bench constructed in 3150–2500 BC.” Source: