World Cup Fever at Pembroke Experience

Malta Expats | Pembroke Experience

It’s world cup time once again and what else can you expect from this island at this time of year? Scorching sun till 8.30, waves gently kiss the beach and free flowing beer to get you in the mood for an evening of good fun, this is the best Southern Europe has to offer. In an unsuspecting corner of Malta, surrounded by hotels and the Malta school of tourism we discovered the ultimate place to paint your face, have a couple of cold ones and go absolutely wild while watching your favorite team.

Malta Expats | Pembroke ExperienceAnd why not, this has been a whopper of a season with surprise finishes coming out left and right, like the opener with Russia putting Saudi Arabia to shame in a 5-0 smash, Japan taking on Colombia for a 2-1 win or England finishing with 6-1 against Panama, it’s anyone’s game at this rate, and the only winners so far is you! There are dozens of games left to be played and with the biggest screen in Malta and the best expats crowd you can possibly find, there is no better place to chill out with a beer by the beach.

Malta Expats | Pembroke ExperienceBut, that’s not all that’s on offer at the, a whole world of fun is to be had there for all people of all ages and nationalities, expats especially. On one of the days I was down there, I was challenged to a game of beer pong using fine Thaii beer; the air was filled with the smell of meat chunks barbequed Russian style. This and many more things that I just didn’t have time to indulge in like cocktails made fresh, a whole amateur football competition for teams that have signed up before and even a place for tots to hang out and play.

Malta Expats | Pembroke Experience

I’m not much a football fan in general but this year was definitely one worth getting into with great matches like Senegal being the first of the African nations to win a match, a heated 3-3 with the Iberian nations trying their best to outdo each other and Ronaldo scoring all three goals for Portugal, Sweden beating South Korea in a final penalty shot that saved them from a nil nil draw and the break neck tension of Germany Sweden with Germany taking it at 2-1, slamming it in in their traditional last minute style. Anything can happen, the games go on, restless, never dull and always full of energy and with a happening place like the World Cup Fever at Pembroke Experience, how can you not get into the expats spirit? There’s action all the time and it’s only half way through.

Malta Expats | Pembroke Experience

If you’re a football fan and want a good place to watch your favorite team work their way through the championship, there is no better place to go but down by the beach where the people are friendly the drinks are fresh and the screen is big enough for all; this and so much more, relax to the sound of the gentle waves and let your children play, summer is here, make the most of it.

Written by Alex Hickey